钓鱼 & 狩猎

十大网赌网址排名的河流终年流动! Fish for catfish, brook trout, Apache trout, grayling, and others. 还有,去阿克湖试试.


钓鱼 and hunting are plentiful with many year-round rivers for stream fishing and thousands of National Forest acres that are home to bear, lion, elk, deer, turkey, antelope, javelina, bighorn 绵羊和七种已知的鹌鹑. 都可以在各处找到 十大网赌网址排名的土地.

Murdock Outfitters, AZ.  我们的导游提供30年 experience in all aspects of hunting in Arizona, including excellent knowledge of all units and their particular game movements. 我们的导游会提供100%的服务 effort, working hard everyday, helping you be in the right place at the right 是时候去找你的下一个大赛奖杯了. 你的成功是我们的首要任务.

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Blue River Recreational Fish Hatchery in Blue, AZ.  Fun for the whole family at our onsite fishing 池塘里养着虹鳟鱼. 来把你的鱼线扔到我们的战利品池塘里,然后 钓一个大汉堡. Located at 69 Blue River Road, Blue AZ, accessed off the 科罗纳多小道(191号国道)经红山路. 查询详情请致电(928) 339-4534.

黑河主流步道(#61). Take FR 26 西了 US 191(约14).阿尔卑斯山以南5英里,亚利桑那州). 继续约9点.距FR 5英里 然后在1点左右向左拐.到熊溪五英里只有一条通道, or turn right for about 3 miles to the 小道的起点 across from the Buffalo 穿越营地入口.  黑色的 River forms the far northwest boundary between Greenlee and Apache Counties. This is a good area to find trout fishing along a more remote stretch of the river.  这里风景优美 野生动物丰富,包括黑熊.  更多信息请访问:   http://qoo.ly/yuhey 或致电(928)339 -4370; 电子邮件:info@hannaganmeadow.com

Bear Wallow Trailhead (#63). 191号国道以西 在MP 226之间 & 227. 当地阿帕奇鳟鱼 were re-established in Bear Wallow Creek in 90年代早期到中期. This trail follows the Bear Wallow Creek riparian area, dropping to the creek’s meadow confluence with the 黑色的河. Fence line marks San Carlos Apache Reservation boundary. 须持许可证继续 进入预定区. Trailhead on Reno Road (FR 25), across from Double Cienega. Trailhead parking area is located on the south side FR 25.

FR 25 junctions with the following trails with adjacent fishing:

雷诺步道62号. Popular Stream Side Trail with 本地鳟鱼捕捞.

Gobbler Point Trail #59. The steepest trail and shortest route for Apache Trout fishing connecting to Bear Wallow Trail #63. 科罗纳多小道(美国191号公路)带你到 FR 25, head west to Gobbler Point Road (FR 8154) on the south side of the road. Keep left at the fork and right at the second fork. 开车3英里到 小道的起点.

南熊滚荒野区 (FR 54). 西了 科罗拉多小道(美国191号公路)位于 MP 226. 谢尔峡谷步道316号. Rugged Canyon, 本地鳟鱼捕捞 风景如画的露营地. 在FR向西行驶 在岔路口. Proceed through the gate along the right fork about 0.6 mile to the end of the road at the Rose Springs Trailhead. 玫瑰泉小径 begins 20 yards below the parking area at a signed gate in the fence. Follow this trail about 3 miles to the junction marked by a sign where Schell Canyon 小路向北岔开. 谢尔峡谷步道也可从 Bear Wallow Trail at the bottom of Bear Wallow Canyon.

金伯利坚内加道(佛法55号). East off the Coronado小道 (US 191) just south of MP 227. KP Cienega Campground is a wonderful, centrally-located campground with an array of amenities and outdoor adventure possibilities. 附近的边缘小径 offer panoramic views of the entire Eagle Creek recreation area below the rim 科罗拉多高原. Bear Wallow wilderness trails allow hikers and 骑马的人去露营, 捕捞当地的阿帕奇鳟鱼 或者尽情享受 wildlife viewing opportunities of this wilderness riparian area. Take a 去阿克湖钓鱼一日游 (see below) or one of the many creeks in the area — all abundant with trout and many 其他垂钓者的首选. Campground amenities include picnic tables, fire rings with cooking 烧烤架和洗手间设施. 免费的帐篷/拖车露营或野餐是 在此位置可用. Turn east off the Coronado小道 (US 191) and continue onto the access road to the campground.


阿克湖环线道(法兰克区8312). 美国西部191号公路,在 between MP 228 & 229. 阿克湖渔场 只是其中之一 quiet, out-of-the-way getaways, found in Greenlee County and the 阿帕奇-西格里夫斯国家森林. This lake is ideal for fly and lure anglers 捕捉并放生鳟鱼和灰鲑. 原始露营,徒步旅行和 beautiful drive through the Alpine meadow and evergreen forest lands of this 该区域可供所有人使用. Elk and other wildlife are abundant in the area. Take the northern entrance of this forest loop road for the shortest route to 湖. Aker Lake is located on west side of FR 8312.


黑河主流步道61号. Follow 黑色的河 from Bear Creek Trail #66 to Buffalo Crossing Campground. Reputed to be one of the most scenic streams in the southwest, this trail is popular for rainbow and brown trout fishing. Hiking, horseback riding and an easy fisherman’s 小径都有. Utilizing Bear Creek Trail #66 as a center point, travelers can connect to 鱼的长椅上/Fish Creek Trails for southwestern expedition or head northwest along the 黑色的河 to reach Buffalo Crossing Campground area (currently closed to campers, please check Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest’s website for up-to-date information). 十大网赌网址排名边界 这条线是黑河在这个地区的分界线. 连接鱼凳径的小径 #320, Fish Creek 跟踪# 60 and Bear Creek Trail #66. 旅客继续向东 past the 黑色的河 into Apache Reservation must purchase a permit. Please 尊重他们的界限和法律. 科罗纳多小径(美国191号公路)至佛州26号公路约9.5 英里至佛得角24. 航向西南,在f24 1.距离熊溪步道66号5英里 步道起点位于道路的北侧


鱼的长椅上 320号步道和60号鱼溪步道.  5.步行5英里到达 鱼溪的汇合处 还有黑河——阿帕奇鳟鱼的故乡 来自科罗纳多小道(美国191号公路) 乘FR 26 9.距离公路网24号还有5英里. 向右转,沿着24号公路走到83号公路. 向右转 and follow FR 83 for 3 miles to FR 83A, which turns right in about 1.4英里 一条向左分岔的小土路. 沿着这条路走大约九点钟.过去5英里 old corral to the #320 小道的起点, or proceed 0.离鱼溪还有六英里 跟踪# 60.


吉拉下盒子荒野研究区.  Sixteen miles east on US 70 from Duncan, head northeast on Fuller Road (near New Mexico US 70 MP 10). 到达渔人 point requires a high-clearance vehicle and 4WD is recommended as rain causes 洗涤和车辙加深. BLM rules, regulations and tips for preparation of a self-guided tour of Fisherman’s Point can be found at http://www.blm.gov/nm/st/en/prog/recreation/las_cruces/gila_lower_box.html